WS-01: IFMBE Workshop: Biomedical Engineering/Clinical Engineering Education


Hin Chung Lau, Yong Ping Zheng

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

The 4-years Biomedical Engineering (BME) curriculum at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is evolving to heighten students’ competencies to meet future needs. Research & Design (R&D) 1 and 2 are core subjects for Year-2 and Year-3 students, respectively. The subjects are inter-linked and span across four consecutive semesters, during which the students build a healthcare product for their R&D group projects. For students to understand the scope of R&D in healthcare products and the impact of BME solutions in a global and societal context, 16 students have been selected in 2016 to conduct their projects with students from partner institutions in UK, Singapore and China. 10 students from the partner institutions are also invited to visit Hong Kong for project sharing and cultural exchange with all BME students.

The curriculum introduce Year-1 students to practices of innovation and design thinking in real world through industrial visits and sharing sessions with start-up CEOs. These activities enhance students’ awareness of innovative solutions and real-life challenges in BME, which facilitate students to generate their own project ideas for R&D1 subject. Market research and intellectual property are taught during R&D1 to establish a good foundation to develop an entrepreneurial culture among students. Student project teams present their proof-of-concept prototype during a project sharing event at the end of semester two. Entrepreneurs or angel investors are invited to provide feedback to the students before they proceed with their project idea in R&D2 subject. R&D2 students practice various entrepreneurial skills, such as crafting elevator pitch, poster presentation, product booth demonstration as well as business plan writing on their group project. Students are encouraged to extend their project idea to their Year-4 Capstone Project and to apply for Seed Funds to drive their project further to the business world. 

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