WS-01: IFMBE Workshop: Biomedical Engineering/Clinical Engineering Education


Ernesto Iadanza

University of Florence, Italy
IFMBE / Clinical Engineering Division

Clinical Engineering curricula can vary a lot all over the world. Often they are included in Biomedical Engineering curricula, but there are important differences and exceptions. The Clinical Engineering Division of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE/CED) is running a project for defining the basic sets of requirements and skills that a Clinical Engineer should hold in order to be able to effectively act in the healthcare panorama in different clinical settings and countries. The project is aimed to define the core Body of Knowledge (BoK) and Body of Practice (BoP) that can be used as a starting point in designing local academic curricula that will address the national and local special needs. In this talk will be briefly described the project itself. There will also be a focus on two master courses in Clinical Engineering that have been delivered in Firenze, Italy, for ten years. These courses address the roles of Clinical Engineers in the italian clinical setting b) Are there any distinct differences in the Biomedical and Clinical Engineering educational programs in your country or your institution? c) Do share the BME/CE curriculum in your institution with the participants. d) What are the roles of an engineer in the clinical settings in your country? e) What are the basic requirements/skill sets/body of knowledge (BoK) which a clinical engineer should possess to function effectively in the clinical settings? f) how well does your undergraduate Biomedical Engineering and/or Clinical Engineering program/s prepare your graduates for the workforce? g) Does your educational program provide different career pathways for your graduates such as employment in (a) healthcare (hospitals) industry (b) medical device & entrepreneurship (c) medical technology sectors and (d) graduate studies? If so, what curriculum do you have in place for such pathways? h) Accreditation of your BME/CE 

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