SYM-13: Special Topic Symposium: Biomedical Nanotechnology


Anthony Guiseppi-Elie

Texas A&M University, USA
ABTECH Scientific, Inc., USA

The emergence of printable polymeric inks for 3-D printing of tissue engineered constructs allows the exploration of a wide range of biopolymers and synthetic polymers for cell seeding. We have been concerned with the nascent properties of electroconductive hydrogel nano-composites fabricated from in-situ synthesized polypyrrole nano-spheres and or ex-situ synthesized polyaniline nanofibers as the one-dimensional organic semiconductors within biocompatible hydrogels such as chitosan and poly(HEMA-PEG) hydrogels. We report here on the role of type and distribution of water within these constructs, the role of porosity on electrical properties as determined by electrical and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, the mechanical properties, and the cell growth and proliferation of a wide range of cells seeded on these constructs.

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