Poster Presentation Instructions

Poster Presentations – General Instructions

All posters are to be mounted on the poster boards with number corresponding to the presenter's number and free for viewing by all.

  • You should be printing and bringing your poster to the Conference.
  • The dimensions of the poster should NOT exceed 90cm wide x 120cm high, in Portrait format.

  • Please prepare your poster to fit the dimensions specified. It is recommended that poster be prepared on one sheet. Alternatively, presenters may display their material on several smaller sheets.
  • Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors as stated on the submitted abstract.
  • Poster must be written and presented in English.
  • The text, illustrations, etc should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters.
  • Poster mounting materials will be provided will be available for the mounting of posters.
  • DO NOT write or paint on the poster boards. DO NOT use nails, push pins, screws, or any tools that will puncture the poster boards.
  • Please use the board that displays the same number assigned to you.
  • Authors must make themselves available at the times of the poster presentations.
  • At the end of the poster session, authors must remove their poster from the poster boards. The Organising Committee will not send/keep any posters that have left at the conference venue.

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