Plenary Lecture 4


Luke Lee

National University of Singapore, Singapore
University of California, Berkeley, USA

In this talk, I will present how to see the world’s healthcare crisis and the fundamental problems of current medicine in a grain of iSAND (integrative Science, Arts, Nanomedicine, and Digital technology), and find solutions in nature for preventive medicine and healthy environment. Since the future of healthcare is in the palm of our hands, a few examples of creative healthcare innovations will be discussed along with the vision of smart digital healthcare in both developing and developed countries: smart mobile integrated molecular diagnostic systems (iMDx) for personalized precision medicine and microphysiological analysis platforms (iMAPs) for toxicology, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine.  The rapid and accurate smart mobile iMDx comprises three key elements of precision medicine on chip: ultrafast multiplexed photonic PCR for the early detection of DNA and RNA biomarkers in blood, signal amplifications of protein markers, and a self-contained sample preparation from whole blood on chip, which allows a sample-to-answer readout platform with smart analytics. The progress on patient-specific iPSCs-based iMAPs, pancreatic islets and mini-brains in siliconefor molecular pathogenesis will be discussed along with the vision of preventive precision medicine via precision engineering in medicine.


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