IFMBE Workshop on Biomedical Engineering/Clinical Engineering Education

Date: Friday, 9th December 2016
Time: 11.00am – 5.30pm

Workshop Objectives:

The purpose of the workshop is to help the BME Department in your university design and modify biomedical engineering programs to meet future needs. In this workshop, we hope to address the following issues:

  • To identify the core competencies of our bioengineering or biomedical/clinical engineering educational programs to meet future needs;
  • How well does your undergraduate BME/CE program prepare your graduates for the workforce?
  • What are the basic requirements/skill sets/body of knowledge which a clinical engineer should possess to function effectively in the clinical settings?
  • What kind/s of curriculum do you envisage that will prepare your graduates for employment in (a) healthcare industry (eg hospitals) (b) medical device & entrepreneurship (c) medical technology sectors and (d) graduate studies
  • Accreditation of the BME/CE programs

The workshop will comprise the following format:

  1. There will be a 90-mins session of talks by 6 speakers who will share their experience in designing and developing their BME educational programs;
  2. The talks will be followed by break-out sessions in which all the participants will be divided into 3-4 groups (depending on the number of attendees);
  3. All attendees are encouraged to participate in these group discussions focusing on identifying the core competencies required of our students in a BME/CE educational program that will prepare them for their different career choices in future;
  4. Each group will have a facilitator who will then present their findings and make their recommendations. 

Invited Speakers

  1. Ernesto Iadanza, University of Florence, Florence, Italy
  2. Kang-Ping Lin, Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
  3. Herbert F. Voigt, Boston University, USA
  4. Lau Hin Chung, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
  5. Martha Zequera Diaz, Javeriana University, Colombia
  6. Alberto Corrias, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Programme Outline



0800 - 0900


0900 - 1020

  ICBME Plenary Lectures

1020 - 1100

  Tea/Coffee Break

1100 - 1230

  IFMBE Workshop on “Biomedical Engineering/Clinical Engineering Education”

1230 - 1345


1345 - 1500

  Breakout sessions to discuss on the “Body of Knowledge (BoK)” for BME/CE curriculum

1530 - 1600

  Tea/Coffee Break

1600 - 1730

  • Continue on discussions on the “Body of Knowledge (BoK)” for BME/CE curriculum
  • Summary and Recommendations 









Who should attend?

Academicians from tertiary institutions who are involved in designing and developing BME/CE educational program will benefit from the Workshop.


This workshop is free for all ICBME 2016 registered delegates. Non-ICBME delegates are also welcome to register for this workshop only at S$200 per participant. Workshop fees will entitle participants to attend ICBME Plenary Lectures on 9 December and tea/coffee breaks.

To register, please visit click here.


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